Masjid Al-Muminun

1510 Harriet Tubman Dr Winston-Salem, NC 27105

"The Triads Oldest Islamic Organization"

Adhering to the Tasfeer of Imam W. Deen Mohammed (ra)

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  Our Mission

To enhance the believers family and community life with balance using the
Holy Quran, the Uswaah of Prophet Muhammad(s) and Allah as our guide.

We adhere to the Tasfeer of Imam W.D. Mohammed (ra)

Our Beliefs

Belief in Allah (The One G-d)
 Belief in the Angels of Allah
Belief in the Messengers of Allah

Belief in the Day of Judgment

Belief in the Supremacy of Allah’s Divine Power Belief in Life After Death (Heaven and Hell)

Our Masjid

Was originally Muhammad Mosque #56 becoming Masjid Al-Muminun in 1980's. We are the Oldest Islamic organization in the Triad Area. Visit the about page
to learn more.

Join us for Weekly Ta'leem every Sunday at 12:30The Annual Family Unity Day/ Educational Weekend  Rescheduled Date Pending 

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Listen or Watch Jumu'ah on the Starting at 1:30 on Friday's Facebook Page (click link ) or call 712-770-5505 code 166030#

Important Update April 20, 2020


This week's Jumu'ah
June 19, 2020
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